Our services are available for people of all genders above age of 18. Further, to ensure your entire family’s safety, we provide the facility to buy an add-on family members plan where one can avail all the services for up to 3 members of their family. To know more click here.
We have a diligent process to recruit our response team, starting from hiring them thru references with guidelines on education, verifying background to their induction, training and continuous monitoring of their behaviors and skill sets. Our responders are trained by a specialised Israeli-affiliated training organization on self-defense, isolation techniques, basic first-aid, CPR, and coordination with state emergency / ambulance services. Incident Managers are additionally trained on safety, loss prevention, and communication skills, ensuring effective understanding of the nature of every emergency.

Registered in 2013 by the name of ASAS Security Solutions, we started providing Emergency Services only in Delhi/NCR area with a motive to assist people facing critical situations.

Soon we started getting immense response from users across the country, with the need to assist them in situations where they are trapped with no support system around. That is when the company decided to rev up their complete technical infrastructure and extend their services beyond Delhi NCR to 800 plus cities in India to tackle the non-critical incidents on-call.

So, as to further strengthen its position by the existing works done so far, in 2016, the company has found itself a phenomenal name, the 24 Secure Group, to expand its reach in the security industry and handed over its complete operations in the experienced hands of Mr. Sunil Nihal Duggal.

Ever since, there has been a complete turnaround in both the product and the services being delivered as well as the technology has been upgraded to make it very simple and easy to use. To help people remain safe in and out of the home irrespective of their place of stay and travel, we have commissioned a solid team of data scientists, researchers, technical support and innovative engineers to upgrade the services constantly and serve the best of the security and support system that match none.

24 Response is a one point contact for all kind of emergencies and distress situations available via mobile app or 1800---- call backed by an on-ground team of responders. We are your safety guardian assuring the safety of you and your loved ones with the convenience of a simple touch on the app, accessible anywhere in India, and available round the clock.
Our service is registered under the Private Security Agency Regulation Act 2005. Yes, we collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies and medical support services. We have closely interacted with State Police Commissioners within the NCR - They are aware and encouraging our services.
24 Response is a privately owned 9-1-1 styled personal safety & emergency service. We provide our services with the help of our own team of responders or nationwide network of emergency service providers. We act like an additional layer of security for our society along with the government agencies.
Our endeavour is to address and control any situation that makes you feel threatened and/or vulnerable. Whilst this is unique to every individual, they include things like a vehicle break down during an odd hour, suspecting that you're being stalked, a gas leakage in your house, or even a minor fire that can be extinguished with one 2kg fire extinguisher but not limited to these only.
Charges for any service availed depend on the plan opted. In case of Individual or Family Plan, charges will be incurred for any on-ground response either provided by our responders or third parties emergency service providers. For any Help 24 Individual or Family Plan, charges will be applicable and payable directly to the service provider, for instance ambulance charges, hospital charges, taxi fares, mechanic charge.
Yes you do not have to change mobile phone carriers. 24 Response App will work with your current mobile phone provider. You will, however, need a Smartphone, with data services, to use the App.
Internet connectivity is only essential for using the 24 Response Mobile Application as it helps us receive the coordinates of your location. In the absence of internet connectivity, the service is still available to you by calling to our Emergency Helpline.
Our aim is to reach our client in distress within the shortest possible time –within minutes. We have protocols and procedures in place to ensure that our team cuts across most odds such as traffic and travel routes, to reach you in the quickest possible time.
Your HelpMe services are activated immediately post the successful submission of your personal details on our online registration form and completion of the payment process. You will still need to log into the My Account and set up your Emergency Contacts and provide your other personal information to enjoy complete benefit of our services.
Our SafeMe service is available only via our mobile application. Further, if the incident demands an on-ground response, it shall be charged in accordance with the service availed. HelpMe service is available via on-call support and through its registered emergency service providers across 800+ cities PAN India. Additionally, our own physical responders are available in Delhi/NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Kindly check exact service location coverage here..
If you are unable to login, this could be due to error in username or password. Kindly click the Forget Password link and recover your password. Alternatively, you may call our Emergency Helpline 24 X 7.
The 24 Response Mobile App is currently available for Android and iOS operating systems.
Adding Emergency Contact(s) is very simple and you can do this by logging into the My Account section on our website/application. Upto 2 Emergency contacts can be added under this section; one as primary and other as secondary.

Most of our Subscription Packages come with the facility of adding your Family Member (s). When you register for our service, you will receive an email with a Coupon Code which can be used to register Family Members. This can be done from here. In case, you are unable to find the coupon code, please send an email to our Customer Service with subject line "Send Family Member Code".

The Add Family Member facility and number of members is dependent on your subscription package. The facility is only available for blood relations residing in the same address as given by you.

In case, you want to change your package, please contact our Customer Service.

You can easily renew your subscription by logging into My Account section on our website/mobile application and clicking on the Renew link.

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