• We are India's first On-Demand tech-based service responding to Emergency Situations.
  • We provide Quick Response and Immediate Assistance to our customers, whenever they face any real life situation relating to their Personal Safety. Our Mobile App helps fetch your location and connects you to the 24 Response Centre, while simultaneously sending out a system alert with your location coordinates to the nearest 24 Response On Ground Team.
  • Enter your registered phone number in the space provided
  • Manually enter the OTP received
  • Accept the terms and conditions and press verify
  • We have 2 features in the app namely:
    • SafeMe
    • HelpMe

a)SafeMe Button – on Demand, Live Monitoring is especially useful when traveling

Safe Me

i)To ensure your Safety, simply activate the SafeMe button in the 24 Response app. In a few seconds, you will receive a call from our Response Centre, who will then take the necessary details from you and start live monitoring your journey. You can also upload the picture of the license plate of the vehicle you are traveling. During your journey, we will periodically call you to check on your safety as per your requirements. We also alert your emergency contact, family, as well as, coordinate with the requisite government authorities.

a)HelpMe Button – 24 X 7 Response to any distress situation

Help Me

i)In any emergency, just activate the HelpMe button in our app and get Immediate Response. Our Mobile App automatically identifies your location and connects you within seconds to our Response Centre, whilst simultaneously sending out an alert with your location coordinates to the nearest field responder. Our response center will also coordinate with any third party assistance or requisite government authorities depending on the emergency.

  • Yes, our service, are registered under the Private Security Agency Regulation Act 2005. We also collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies and medical support services. We maintain a very close strategic partnership with State Police and its Commissioners within the Delhi NCR. They are aware and encourage our services.

a)We Provide 4 major service areas categorised below:

i. Safety At Home
Faq Home
  • Minor Fire,
  • Gas Leakage,
  • Intrusion
  • Loss of Keys,
  • Any Distress Situation, and many more
ii. Medical Emergencies
Faq Home
  • Ambulance Arrangements
  • Injuries
  • Sudden Sickness
  • Emergency Medicines at Odd Hours, and many more
iii. Personal Safety
Faq Home
  • Stalking or Being Followed,
  • Imminent Physical Threats,
  • Road Rage,
  • Feeling Unsafe, and many more
iv. On Road Assistance
Faq Home
  • Road Accident,
  • Car Breakdown,
  • Loss of Car Keys,
  • Tyre Puncture,
  • Key Retrieval, and many more
  • Yes, our app feature an Offline Mode as well to accommodate low connectivity issues
    • You can send a “HelpMe” alert to 24 Response in an emergency when mobile data is not available or low internet connectivity via Text Message. *SMS charges may apply.
    • Note: The offline feature will work only with the user’s registered number
  • Our aim is to reach our client in distress within the shortest possible time, within minutes. We have protocols and procedures in place to ensure that our team cuts across most odds such as traffic and travel routes, to reach you in the quickest possible time.
  • Charges for any service availed depends on the plan opted. In case of Individual or Family Plan, charges may be incurred for any on-ground response either provided by our responders or third parties emergency service providers. For any Help 24 Individual or Family Plan, charges will be applicable and payable directly to the service provider, for instance ambulance charges, hospital charges, taxi fares, mechanic charge.
  • Yes, we provide the facility to buy add-ons for family member plan, where one can avail all the services for up to three members of their family.
  • We have a very diligent process to recruit our response team, references within guidelines on education, strict background checks. On ground, Responders are combat trained (by krav maga, Israeli martial art) techniques on self-defence, isolation techniques, basic first-aid, CPR, and coordinate with state emergency / ambulance services. Furthermore, Incident Managers are additionally, trained on safety, loss prevention, and communication skills, ensuring effective understanding of the nature of every emergency.
  • Yes, you do not have to change mobile phone carriers. Our App works with any mobile phone provider. You will however, need a Smartphone, with data services, to use the App.
  • Your HelpMe services, is activated immediately post the successful submission of your personal details on our online registration form and completion of the payment process. However, you will still need to log into the My Account and set up your Emergency Contacts and provide your other personal information to enjoy complete benefits of our services.
  • Our SafeMe service is available only via our mobile application. Furthermore, if the incident demands an on-ground response, then the charge is in accordance with the service availed.
  • HelpMe service is available via on-call support and through its registered emergency service providers across 800+ cities PAN India. Additionally, our own physical responders are available in Delhi/NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.
  • If you are unable to login you may call our Emergency Helpline 24 X 7 on 18001030024
  • Adding Emergency Contact is very simple and you can do this by logging into the My Account section on our website / application. Under this section Upto 2 Emergency contacts can be added; one as primary and the other one as secondary.
  • You can easily renew your subscription by logging into My Account section on our website mobile application and clicking on the Renew link.

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