Customer Speaks

Road Accident

Would like to thank 24 Response Team for their exceptional & prompt service, The First Response Team - Jai Prakash & Ankit Sharma were very professional & courteous to handle an accident situation that I met. Immediate medical aid was provided at the site of accident within minutes. A word of thanks from heart for their service.

Nikhil Kumar, Dwarka

We received a call from Mr. Raju Khanna, informing us that his car had hit another vehicle near ITO near Tilak Marg. We dispatched the Nizamudin Responder Team. They quickly reached to the Client's location. He needed our help in coordinating with Police and stay with him till the issue is sorted. He was extremely happy with the service and appreciated us for the fast response and coordination.

We got a call from Ms Ritu Neb at 9.40pm informing that they met an accident where she and her husband has got minor injuries, while a team was immediately on the move towards them, we dispatched another team sensing serious trouble. We asked if there is any bleeding, and need of an ambulance? She told that she has got some pain in the shoulder and her husband has twisted his wrist with minor cuts. While they were still driving to their destination the response team reached them within 15 minutes and gave them the necessary first aid.

On reaching there the response team was told that they met with a very small accident with another car which led to arguments but they were further attacked by the occupants of other car. Our team after giving the first aid, waited there for another 15 minutes to ensure the client is not being followed and the incident got closed.

Medical Situation

It was extremely useful and efficient at a time when I needed assistance in getting medicines for my mother quite late at night. The 24 Response team helped arranging the required medicines in quick time.

Thanks a ton!

Sahil Singh, Vasant Vihar

We received an HelpMe from Ms. Nikita Gupta informing us that her father was unwell. We immediately checked to see if an ambulance was required. Fortunately, the situation was not that serious, but she wanted a doctor to undertake a house call. Given the reticence of doctors to do house calls these days, we realized that she required someone from her neighbourhood. Our extensive database was put to use and we were able to establish a conference call with a doctor living quite close to her home. The doctor agreed to go across and check out senior Mr. Sharma's health. Suitable medication was prescribed, and now Mr. Sharma is well on his way to recovery.

Fire Incident

We heard a commotion in the building next to our office. On investigation we found out that there was a short circuit on the ground floor which lead to fire. Some of the occupants of the building were stuck and some had moved to the top of the building to protect themselves. We immediately called the Fire Department and guided them to the premises. We coordinated with BSES to shut down the power. Our own teams rushed to fight the flames and had succeeded in bringing the fire under control, even before the Fire Department could reach. The fire department arrived 15 minutes later and appreciated our services, particularly the efforts of our valiant responder Honey Kherwal.

We got an alert from Mr. Jitendra Patel informing that there is a Fire in his building on the 3rd Floor whereas his home is on the 1st floor. We dispatched our teams. We advised the customer to move out of the building along with all family members and turn off the gas connection, lighting, Switching Points etc. We informed the fire brigade immediately and also advised the residents to move any vehicles parked nearby to a safe area. Our team reached there in 10 minutes. There were no flames coming out of the third floor but there was smoke. They helped in breaking the flat's door and tried to control the fire with the help of other residents, and other team ensured everyone was safe till the time Fire brigade reached.

Mr. Patel appreciated our timely help, coordination with govt. department especially fire brigade and the team's promptness & timely assessment of the situation

HelpMe call was received from Mr. Khurana informing that there is a Fire in his residence. He also shared that Fire Brigade has been informed. We immediately dispatched our FRT to the location at Sainik farms. They tried to douse the fire with the help of residence till the time Fire Brigade arrived and FRT assisted Fire Dept. to handle the situation. However after it was confirmed by Fire Dept. that Fire has been controlled our FRT while conducting the assessment found out that there are still burning embers inside the store. Since they have learned that Class 'A' (solid) fire can reignite, they immediately alerted to the Fire team present there, quick remedial measures were taken to completely extinguish the fire.


We received a call from Mrs. Kumar at 06:35 PM. She was travelling from Mulund West to Andheri-East in Mumbai and wanted a TrackME check-in every 15 minutes. We took the number taxi number and the driver's number as well. We called her every 15 minutes to check on her. She reached her destination at 07:37 PM. She appreciated our service.

We received a call from Ms. Ankita Malhotra, informing us that she is traveling from Vaishali to Indirapuram - Sri Ram Residency Shanti Gopal Hospital and wanted us to track her while she was en route. We asked her when she should be called to which she said half an hour. We called her at 10:25 am and she had reached her destination safely.

We received call from Mrs. Singh informing us that he was going to travel from the Habitat Centre to Indirapuram. She wanted us to check on her when she reached. We asked if she would like to receive calls at an interval of 10 – 15 minutes to which she denied and told us call her by 9:50 PM. We called her at 9:50 PM confirming if she had reached safely and closed the event.

Ms. Kumar called us at 9:35 pm informing us that she had to go home (Naraina Village) at 10:00 pm and she felt insecure travelling alone at that time and needed assistance. We informed her that we would call her every 15 minutes to check till her reaches home to which she agreed. She also wanted us to call her family informing that she is leaving for home at 10 PM. At 10: 00 we called her to check if she left the location and she confirmed the same. We informed her family as well that she was on her way. We started the calling her at 15 minute intervals from 10 PM till 10:45 PM. The last call confirmed that she had reached safely and was happy with the service.

Lost key

We received a call from Mrs. Anoop Wadhwa at 9:20 AM. She wanted to a key maker since her gate was not opening. We asked her if she wanted our responder team to which she said yes. We dispatched the Mehrauli responder team who reached the location at 9:30 AM. In the meanwhile we conferenced a key maker with the client. The minute the key maker arrived the client asked the team to leave. We followed up via phone and closed the event at 10:10 AM

Help on Directions

We received a call from Ms. Divya informing us that she wanted to go to Sikanderpur Gurgaon but forgot the way to NH - 8. She said she was at Ashoka road but wasn't sure of her location, so we asked her to swipe the application on her phone and guided her to NH 8 and closed the event at 11:42 am.

Unsafe feeling

We received a call from Mr. Imran Khan at 3.55AM informing us that his car broke down and was not feeling safe. We dispatched the First Response Team to the location. Our team reached the location within 15 Minutes. The team arrived there and in the meantime his car also started to work. The team confirmed if everything was ok and if he required any further assistance to which he said no. He was very happy and was appreciating our services

We received a call from Mrs. Ritu Negi at 12:30 AM and said she was alone at home and was scared. For the past 2-3 days someone rings their doorbell at around 04:00 AM but when they reach the door no one is there. She wanted our responders to visit her house around that time to see if they find anything suspicious. They reached the client's house at 03:45 AM and waited till 05:00 Am but nothing came up. We called the client and told her that there was nothing at that time, she agreed and asked the responders to leave. The event was closed.

Gas Leakage

Mr. Ravinder Called informing us that there was LPG leakage at his home and kept the cylinder in an open area but was still afraid. We dispatched our team to the location and told the client to stay away from leaking cylinder. The response team arrived at the scene and capped the cylinder with the cap. The Customer was happy with the services.

Possible Break in

We received a call from Mr. Patel informing us that there is some movement in his house and there might have been a break in. We dispatched team to his location. As instructed by the client the team jumped the gate and entered in in the house, they checked the perimeter of the house and informed the client that they were the servant's family who are leaving back to their hometown.

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