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Members of All India Students Association shout slogans as they hold placards during a protest against recent rapes in the capital, held outside police headquarters in New Delhi on October 18, 2015. Beginning in January 2017, India will require all phones to include a "panic button" that can be used to notify friends, family and emergency services when a woman is in danger of sexual violence.

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India’s Answer to Sex Attacks? Panic Buttons and GPS on All Phones

Officials in India hope to combat the threat of sexual violence against women and girls by requiring panic buttons to be installed in every new phone by January, and for every phone to be equipped with GPS by 2018.

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Why personal safety measures are critical in the age of cab aggregators

Few months back, there was an incident in Delhi, where a female passenger was harassed by a cab driver throughout her ride in central and south Delhi and it took four HelpME calls from her before help reached her. It wasn't about lack of intent that led to the delay but inability to get her exact location and bring it to attention of the cops...

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Odd Even Formula Phase II: 24 Response flags its on-demand safety service.

With more citizens taking public transport during this time, be it a metro, state-run buses, private shuttle services, cabs or car-pooling, there is a higher degree of them being exposed to harassment, sexual assault or situations where they may find their personal safety compromised.

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24 Response, an on-demand safety service app

Retailer Media caught up with Arvind Khanna, Founder, 24 Response to know more about the features and usability of the app.
The 24 Response mobile app offers a single point of contact for situations related to personal safety monitoring, managing physical threats, road accidents, and medical emergencies or on road assistance. It uses globally tested and proven technology, procedures and systems.
Some key technology features are as listed below:

  • Main HelpME button​: to initiate an alert
  • My Location Button​: to update user’s location
  • My Family button​: to send out distress messages to emergency contacts
  • TrackME button: TrackME or Safe call is a service, where 24 Response team provides regular check in calls to update and ensure the user’s well-being, making it particularly ideal for women, when they are travelling alone at odd hours
  • Notification button​: to see messages sent by 24 Response to the user

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24 Response Offers Immediate Assistance Teams At Gurgaon Metro Stations During National Safety Week 2016

Gurgaon based company 24 Response' CEO Manoj Chandra said that this step was taken after news surfaced that women commuting from metro stations had no help or assistance nearby in Gurgaon. This pilot project will be run under National Security Week. This project will be operational in Gurgaon's HUDA City Center, M.G. Road, Guru Dronacharya, IFFCO Chowk and Sikandarpur metro stations...

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Apollo Tyres partners with Tech Company to provide safety assistance services

The services will range across a wide host of emergencies such as, being caught in an accident, fire or a medical situation, road rage, stalking, or eve-teasing...

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24 Response has announced the launch of a new feature within its app called TrackME Monitoring Service

TrackME service can be activated via the 24 Response app by a subscribed user of the service. It uses the GPS on the smartphone to follow their whereabouts, and constantly checks on them via a call made to the user at regular intervals...

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Var India
24 Response launches "TrackME" Monitoring Service

TrackME is a monitoring service that provides an added assurance to its users while travelling through unknown neighbourhoods, commuting during day or night, or when on a long journey. Manoj Chandra, CEO, 24 Response, says, 24 Response is the first-of-its-kind service to combine a smartphone safety application with state-of-the-art technology, backed by on ground physical response assistance...

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"TrackME" launched by 24 Response, India's 1st On Demand Safety Service

TrackME is a monitoring service, TrackME service can be activated via the 24 Response app by a subscribed user of the service.
An unseen emergency or a personal crisis can strike us any time and it is always good to have someone to help us out.
#Stay safe, live fearless with 24 Response.

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